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with Terry Merriman

Red Molly in the Studio

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  Welcome To ECMS

We've made the big time! Check out this link to a site that defines acronyms. Out of 150 ECMS acronyms, we are the headliner. We are in an undefined category with 0 votes for popularity. Just think how unimpressive the other 149 must be!

The Elk Creek Music Society (ECMS), founded by Terry Merriman and Jill Voshell, had its first concert in January, 2007 with a sell out show for Red Molly. Since then, we have had wonderful experiences hosting concerts which have become more like parties with friends. We are located in beautiful southwestern Chester County, PA, not far from West Chester, PA and Newark, DE. Concerts are held in Terry's home, which has a music studio with a 60 person capacity. On occasion, we have had concerts in the sunroom in front of the wood burner with a panoramic view of snow falling on the woods over the Big Elk Creek. Sometimes we've moved outside under the trees. It is an intimate setting to see and hear performers and to enjoy talking with them over the pot luck dishes shared by all attendees. If you have enjoyed one of our shows, please let others know. If you haven't experienced one yet, be sure to attend one. You'll enjoy it! Go to the RSVP page to learn how to get email notifications about our concerts and to RSVP for one.

For notifications of concerts and to RSVP, join us at:


ECMS also hosts a series of music workshops designed to help local musicians help each other. Whether you are looking for

  • new ideas for your songwriting,
  • ideas on arrangements,
  • others to sing some harmonies or add some instruments to your studio work or occasional gig, or
  • to learn new techniques,

or are interested in helping others with these and other topics, this is your group. Meetings will be held in southern Chester County, PA. As the group grows, others may host so we are not as limited by the geographic location. Who knows, perhaps this will culminate in a project where we play a gig during which each member takes a turn out front with the others backing him/her up. What fun! You can join us by signing up at:


Terry Merriman, a founding member of ECMS, has been writing and performing songs for several decades in the Philadelphia area. His roots are with groups like Crosby, Stills, and Nash with acoustic based arrangements and lush harmonies. He is sometimes compared to Nick Drake with his use of alternate guitar tunings and mellow vocal style.

You can sample some of Terry's songs here.